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Coach Package includes

8 web pages, 2 hours of content writing, and 10 patient forms. Our Coach Package is a basic package which covers all of the essential needs of your practice. Key features include: a custom domain name, unlimited web layouts, a fully integrated Google Maps module, integrated search feature, Rx refill and referral request forms, and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


Business Package includes

15 pages 4 hours of content writing and 20 patient forms. The Business package includes everything in the Coach package, plus essential add-ons like stock photography, e-mail setup, google business integration and press releases to multiple media outlets. The Business package allows your practice to go beyond just the website by integrating the technology into your daily practice and allowing your practice to have more of a presence on the web.


Executive Package includes

25 pages, 8 hours of content writing, and unlimited patient forms. Our Executive package is the supreme all inclusive package. The Executive package includes everything in the Business package, plus more add-ons like logo and branding design, live blogging, social media integration, mobile website integration, and a flash banner. The Executive Package is a premier package that is guaranteed to impress your patients from the minute they view your website. Providing full integration with the latest technology and gives you an industry leading presence on the web.


Web Site Design Packages Coach
Web Pages Included 8 15 25
Content Writing Hours 2 4 8
Patient Forms Included 10 20 Unlimited
Unlimited Web Layouts true true true
Domain Name true true true
Google Maps Module true true true
Patient Portal Link true true true
Search Feature true true true
Appointment Date Request true true true
Rx Refill Request true true true
Referral Request true true true
Patient Education Links true true true
Ask a Nurse/Doctor true true true
Contact Us true true true
30 Day Money Back Guarantee true true true
Stock Photography false true true
Email Setup false true true
Google Business Integration false true true
Press Release to Multiple Media Outlets false true true
Logo and Branding Design false false true
Live Blogging false false true
Social Media Integration false false true
Mobile Website Integration false false true
Flash Banner false false true