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Patient Education

Patient Education is key to ensuring your patients receive the best level of care possible. With technology, comes the ability for everyone to search for information on their life (including their medical needs and or conditions). We offer 2 different solutions to make sure your practice delivers the exact level of information that you desire.


  • We allow your practice to provide us with any links or articles that you would like to make available to your patients on your website. We take those articles and publish them on your website so that you can direct you patients to the site to access this information. Many times, these can even include the latest health blogs or news sites.


  • We also offer the ability for you to post educational documentation and videos to your site. These documents and videos can be personalized with your practice information and brand. This allows your patients to be better informed and provides a reliable source for them to learn more, since not everything on the internet is necessarily true. These documents and videos provide an extra level of service to your patients, and can even help attract new patients who find the information resourceful.